SAYRE, P.A. (WENY) - C's Flea Market took over Chandler's Antique & Artisan Market starting Sunday morning. Dozens of hobbyists took to Bradford County to share their goods with the community.  

Over 25 vendors and hobbyists preregistered for spots at C's Flea Market. The market invited locals to share any unique goods they wanted at the fair, including vintage collectibles, hand-knit items, and other one-of-a-kind crafts. Market Manager Caleb Chandler enjoyed seeing vendors happy to showcase their passions. 

“It's been nice because it gives them an opportunity to come in and experience the market,” Chandler said. “It helps the market because everybody likes to find a good deal, which we do every day but today, with the flea market, people are finding some extras.”  

Many vendors were new to the flea market this morning. Pete Depuysselier was one of these new vendors looking to share mugs, helmets, and other creations made from his 3-D printer. He explains how events like the flea market give hobbyists a better opportunity to market their passion.  

“I love it,” Depuysselier said. “It's one thing to sell it online or something, but for people to actually come up, grab it, and be able to touch it and see it, it makes a whole different experience for them.”  

Chandler hopes to bring a 3-day farmers market to Sayre sometime in April 2022.