CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- Centre Stage Community Theatre will turn back time this weekend by presenting “The Golden Age of Radio.”

Directed by Kaylara Allington, "The Golden Age of Radio" is a live-onstage re-creation of two classic radio programs that were broadcast during radio’s golden age.

The first radio program to be featured in the show is Lux Radio Theatre's 1939 drama "Mrs. Moonlight." The program tells the story of a woman who wishes to never grow old. As she continues to stay youthful, she realizes her wish becomes a curse as everyone and everything else around her ages. The second program will be an episode of the 1950 comedy series "My Favorite Husband." Originally starring Lucille Ball, "My Favorite Husband" became the inspiration for the classic television sitcom "I Love Lucy." The episode focuses on the character Liz, who is determined to prove to her mother-in-law that she can prepare a dinner for 12 people without any help. 

Allington explained the production will not be a full-fledged play, but rather a re-creation of what the process of putting on a live radio show looked like. One of the most prominent differences is the use of Foley art, the reproduction of authentic radio sound effects, that will performed by Anna-Beth Wheaton.

"It's like a live studio audience-feel of how they used to perform these radio shows," she said. "So you would see the person actually performing the sound effects. It's cool to watch. It's very visual."

As for the production's cast, Allington said the actors focus on using their voices rather than physical actions to tell the story, as audiences for radio drama could never see the actors' movements.

"The actors come up and read from the script, and they do voice acting in front of everybody at different microphones," she said.

Allington additionally said "The Golden Age of Radio" has held a special place in the Southern Tier community theatre scene for over 30 years.
"Gary Yoggy started doing these in the area around 30 years ago, and I started doing these radio shows with him over seven years ago," she explained. "He's done them everywhere, like in Elmira [and] Corning. He's bounced around; different organizations have done them. So a lot of people have been watching them for years, and it's nice to keep alive." 
"The Golden Age of Radio" will play at Corning's First Presbyterian Church (1 E. First Street) on Friday and Saturday at 7:00 p.m., and Sunday at 2 p.m. Tickets are $10 and will be available at the door. The show will also be streamed live on Facebook here and on Youtube here.