Customers can order anything except the hog wings at Mooney’s Bar & Grill.  

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused nationwide supply chain issues. Many local restaurants are feeling the effects, especially on the day of the Super Bowl.  

The restaurant served customers their classics: wings. After missing the crowd last year due to Covid restrictions, they are happy to be back gathering in person for the game. 

Server Hannah Sturdivant says the restaurant has been facing new challenges.  

“Due to supply changes, we haven't been able to serve our customers hog wings, which is one of the bigger things people like here and enjoy,” she said. “We have countless people asking for them and when we'll get them back but unfortunately, we won't know for sure.” 

Sturdivant said it has been increasingly difficult to get some of the more popular ingredients for some of the dishes on the menu, especially a few of the customers’ favorites.  

“I would say...a lot of the meats have been a bigger part of all of our pulled pork,” she said.  

As a result, Sturdivant said the price for selected meats has gone up. 

“A lot in our boneless and traditional wings,” she said. “I'd say they've gone up by $3.00”  

Sturdivant said hog wings are one of the most popular types of wings on the menu. They have not been available for nearly 12 months. 

"It's been like a year...almost a year now without the hog wings,” she said.  

Sturdivant said this has also caused a price increase in some of the other food options offered on the menu.  

“For our traditional and boneless they've, like, skyrocketed and we've had customers comment on that and we just explain to them it's not us, it's because of the shortage and everything,” she said. 

It is unknown when the hog wings will return to Mooney’s. For now, customers can continue to enjoy their other wing options.