The 7th annual Marvelous Marble Day was celebrated at the Corning Museum of Glass this afternoon.  

People could celebrate at the museum with marble-shaped glass treasure hunts and watch glass artists give an inside look on how marbles are made online.  

Manager of Interpretation Strategy Troy Smythe was the organizer for Marvelous Marble Day at the museum. He came up with the idea for the event when he started working at the museum in 2014.  

“Everybody has some sort of connection to marbles...mostly everybody does anyway,” he said. "It's a game that's very accessible and anybody can play it.> 

Smythe said glass artist Miles Parker was the perfect marble creator to teach the community about marble creation. 

“I wanted the marble event to have a collector presence,” he said. “Somebody who had gotten to know artists and had kind of explored the marble-making scene and I wanted to be able to show people what was possible.” 

Parker has been teaching people about the history of marbles since the museum hosted its first event in 2015. His demonstrations are a fun interactive workshop. People learn to use his special device to create a perfectly round marble.  

“They're called Mr. Miles' Marvelous Marble Fingers, sort of a mouthful but it's a play on words, from these tools that I've created for holding the marble to polish off the final punty mark,” he said.  

 Parker said creating marbles is a fun way to express your creativity. 

“I would encourage anybody who wants to try it to try it and have fun with it,” he said.  

Smythe explained the demonstration by marble makers and on site activities are for everyone. Their goal was to create a community of marble enthusiasts through the creation of marbles. 

“I want people to kind of have their world opened up even more and there's so many people in the maker community, the collector community and in the family community that would benefit from knowing each other,” he said.  

In May, the museum will be presenting a new exhibition called "Past, Present, Expanding the Stories of Glass." It will allow visitors to share their stories with glass. To get more information about the museum’s upcoming events, click this link.