CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- “Art Feeds the Soul”, a family fun event, took place at the 171 Cedar Arts Center in Corning this afternoon.  

The event celebrating Black History Month. The center offered lessons focused on African culture and history. Organizers said it is important for kids to know why Black History Month is special. 

“We had African dancing and drumming, story-telling and a flute player,” said Beth Landin, executive director of the center. “Nana Anim came down from Ithaca to play drums for us today and to teach dance. And Adrian playing flute for us.”  

Landin was excited to partner with Corning Black Employees Network for the annual event. 

“It's been a tradition for us to celebrate both Martin Luther King Day and Black History Month...and that's to celebrate the history and achievements and rich culture of African Americans in the U.S. and what they have brought here,” she said.  

Landin said through this event, organizers try to educate the community on the accomplishments of African Americans. 

“We can impact the lives of others and actually help them understand of Black artists in particular for what we are sharing today...but the achievements of African Americans in history,” she said.  

 Eric Biribuze, President of the Corning Black Employees Network, teamed up with Landin to offer African music lessons, dancing and painting activities to families. 

“We collaborate to try to use art to tell this history of African Americans...whether it's music, whether it's poetry, whether it's dance...just to try to reach to our community,” he said.  

Biribuze said the musical and artistic workshops were set up to be interactive for the community. He wanted to teach children about African and African American culture through art. 

“By using art, you're able to communicate culture and that's how we came up with the theme 'Art Feeds the Soul,’” he said.  

There will be more engaging arts events to take place at 171 Cedar Arts Center in the spring. For more information about how to get involved, click this link.