BIG FLATS, N.Y. (WENY) -- Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine medical students in Elmira celebrated Match Day. 

Students decided where they would be taking on residency positions. Associate Dean Dr. Richard Terry helped organize the celebration for the fourth-year students. They gathered together to share their journeys.  

“These students applied to many places...sometimes as many as a hundred...they'll get twenty interviews, and then they'll go there and then rank them accordingly,” he said. “The program ranks them, then the match is where they end up, we're very pleased...most of our students matched exactly where they want to be.” 

Dr. Terry explained that some students will travel across the country, some will stay locally. He said they are all bright-minded and specialize mainly in internal medicine. 

“The bulk of our students, about 70 percent, tend to go in to internal medicine, family medicine, or pediatrics,” he said. “But we had them in general surgery, orthopedics, pathology...” 


Medical student Clayton Wiland said he interviewed over 20 times. He found his perfect fit at Western Michigan University. 

“I interviewed...multiple rounds of interviews and really decided based off the people there,” he said. “I felt a good connection with the residents, a good connection with the people and going forward...I'm just happy to be training somewhere.” 

Medical student Isaac Wilber said he is excited to continue his education locally. Wilber is a native of the Southern Tier, where he will be spending his residency at Arnot Odgen Medical Center. 

“We have an excellent academic scene going on in this rural, Upstate location and so it's almost like you're plugged into the world of medical science in addition to being out in ‘the sticks,’” he said.  


Medical student Isabella Dishong chose the University of Michigan for her residency. She said one of her many goals for the future is to show students and clinicians how important pathology truly is. 

“My goal is to hopefully contribute A-I into diagnosing melanoma because there's a lot of discrepancy between that's my ultimate goal,” she said.  

Dr. Terry ended the event by congratulating his students. He wished them all the best on their journey to becoming doctors.