ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- The Elmira Rotary Club is raising funds for the Rotary Ukraine Disaster Relief Fund. Members of the foundation and of the community have been attempting to show their support for Ukrainian refugees in any way they can.  

Richard DuBois, a chairman of the foundation, discussed how people can donate and why it is important to do their part for people in need.  

“Currently, because of what's going on in Ukraine, the foundation has set up that all funds collected by the disaster relief fund are designated for Ukraine,” he said. “All funds collected through April 20th, 2022. 

DuBois said the Elmira Rotary Club has deep ties to Ukraine. He explained there are 62 club bases spread out in Ukraine where funds will be sent to.  

“The Elmira Rotary Club has a relationship with the Kyiv multi-national rotary club,” he said. “We have people there we know, and we've interacted back and forth through Zoom so...we're keeping in touch.” 

DuBois said the foundation contacted Dr. Stephen Coleman, an organizer of the Unity in the Community peace rally for the people of Ukraine that took place last Sunday. He said the foundation raised over $800 from community members during the rally. 

“We contacted him and let him know that we had this set up and he said people have been asking him, 'How can we give money,’” he said.  

After the rally, DuBois said the Elmira Rotary Club has received nothing but positive feedback from the community. The disaster relief fund has been flooded with monetary donations, he said.  

“Outside of the rally and members, we've had other community people donate and we've raised, so far, over $3,150,” he said.  

DuBois said the foundation is only dealing the monetary donations now. The money will be used be rotary clubs in Ukraine for supplies that refugees need. 

“Specifically, right now, it's designated to go for food, for water, for medical supplies, shelter. So, it's anything to just help the people survive at this time,” he said.  

DuBois said the people in the community want to help and the disaster relief fund is a great way to get involved.