KRAKOW, POLANDOur crew in Poland have met with refugees who have shared their stories on how they fled to Poland but with nearly two million refugees in Poland, the country is trying to help move them around to ease the influx of refugees coming in.  

After crossing into Poland from Ukraine, many refugees are fleeing eastern Poland and head for larger cities like Krakow.  

“First of all I would like to thank Poland and citizens of Poland for being so welcoming and friendly for everyone like me and I would like to hope for peace so we can go back to our lives,” said Yana, a Ukrainian refugee.  

We’ve met with many refugees who are grateful for Poland in helping them get settled in but they miss their home. 

“I really hope they’re okay as well and I really hope the war will stop soon so that we can go back to normal,” said a Ukrainian refugee.  

Until the fighting ends, Poland has taken in nearly two million refugees. They’re trying to help spread out the refugees to ease the number of people settling in eastern Poland, which neighbors Ukraine. In Poland, if you show your Ukrainian passport, you’re able to travel on trains, on buses for free and we met with people at the Krakow train station who are using that method. 

“It’s a really full country, so yeah free train is really helpful,” said Natalia a Ukrainian refugee. She and her six year-old son, Peter, fled their home in Kiev and have been in Poland for more than two weeks.  

“I tried to get out to USA but I haven’t a visa,” said Natalia. “I try to write them but still nothing.” 

At the Krakow train station, she said she’s grateful Poland is letting them travel through the country for free but they’re leaving.  

“We are going to Austria for now to be there, some people can get us at night so it will be safe,” said Natalia.  

She’s hoping to eventually make it to the UK where an older couple, who she has never met, agreed to take in her and Peter. She’s thankful for the kindness from complete strangers.  

“I just want to say thank you for all of the people who are helping Ukrainians,” said Natalia. “I know we are strong and we will win in this war.”