ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Local leaders in Elmira announced a "Unity in the Community" rally. The event is scheduled for August 2nd from 7-8:00 p.m. Leaders say the whole rally will aim to end violence in the Southern Tier. 

Political scientist Dr. Stephen Coleman teamed up with President of the NAACP in Elmira-Corning, Georgia Verdier, to make the early announcement. They said violence has no place in the Southern Tier. Verdier said the community should take a holistic approach and that it takes a community to solve issues. 

“You've heard the old saying, 'It takes a village to raise a child,' well, that saying is still true...it takes a community to resolve issues,” she said. “We cannot sit in our homes and look out the window and expect other people to resolve issues in the community...we need to be in it to win it.” 

Coleman said the overall message of the upcoming rally is that the community should say "no" to violence. 

“Say ‘no’ to violence,” he said. “Say ‘no’ to violence on the streets, say ‘no’ to violence in our home and say ‘no’ to violence in the schools.” 

Elmira mayor Dan Mandell and Chemung County Sheriff Bill Schrom were also at the rally announcement. They said they support the event and the community should work side-by-side with law enforcement to ensure everybody's safety against violent crime in the community. 

“Continue to strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and the citizens of our community,” Schrom said. “It's been said up here before that law enforcement can't do it themselves...we really need that partnership with the community and I think this is a great opportunity to strengthen that.” 

Dr. Coleman said he is looking forward to seeing community members spread positive messages.  

“I'm excited to bring people of good will...people of good will together in this community to really get together and rally for something good, something positive, not something negative,” he said.  

In the coming months, Dr. Coleman and Verdier want to gather at least 500 people for the event.