WASHINGTON, D.C. - A handful of the Raimy Fellows from the Jefferson Educational Society of Erie, a nonprofit institution which promotes civic engagement and progress for the Erie region, is at our nation’s capital this week. They’re meeting with congressional members and think tanks to discuss their research.  

“Our fellows do a fairly high level, high quality research and we would want policymakers to benefit from that and then the reverse is we want our fellows to meet people who are actually doing research that’ll be tomorrow with think tanks but also to meet the people who it’s one thing to have a good idea but now you got to meet people who can actually make that idea come to life,” said Dr. Andrew Roth, the program director for the Jefferson Raimy Fellowship.  

“We’re really trying to share our research that we’ve been working on over the nine months so we all have different topics, different subjects, like work, child poverty, infrastructure, technology,” said Raimy Fellow Susannah Faulkner. “And so we’re meeting with our different representatives really trying to represent Erie here at the Capitol and take some wisdom back and some possible advocacy points to bring that back and implement what we can back in Erie County.” 

“Go look at the Jefferson Education Society webpage,” said Raimy Fellow Jeff Styborski. “Look at the Raimy Fellowship. This is all about us, the Erie County citizens and what we can do for Erie County.”  

The group met with Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey (D- PA) and with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s chief of staff. The Jefferson Raimy Fellows said they will also meet with think tanks during this trip to D.C.