ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- U.S. Veterans in Chemung County are getting much-deserved recognition for their service and sacrifice.  

On Wednesday afternoon, Chemung County and the City of Elmira declared the first-ever Veterans Week in the community. The local leaders issued proclamations to honor local vets, coinciding with the Moving Wall coming to Elmira at the end of the month. Chemung County Executive Christopher Moss hopes it helps attract people from all over the region to view the Wall at Eldridge Park to honor our Vietnam vets and veterans of all dates of service.  

“Anything we can do for our veterans, not only locally, but nationwide I think is an excellent idea,” Moss said. “Were hoping residents from all over the Southern Tier come see it.”  

Moss, along with Elmira Mayor Daniel Mandell, worked with the Vietnam Veterans of American Chapter 803 on this initiative. A veteran himself, Mandell says he enjoys these types of special events to give back. For Elmira to host the Moving Wall, and celebrate the event within Veterans Week, showcases strong community support.  

“It means a lot to our community," Mandell said, "For those who've lost loved ones, we did a Gold Star Memorial over at Pulaski Park, so it shows we support our veterans here in the city of Elmira.”  

Vietnam Veteran Geno Dunn said men who returned home from the war were looked down upon and not given the recognition they deserved for serving their country. He said having this proclamation is uplifting.  

“We were looked down upon, and now that we're up, we're able to look at the proclamation and really enjoy that,” Dunn said. “It's been a lot of years coming.” 

Marty Chalk, Coordinator of the Vietnam Moving Wall Project, worked with Moss and Mandell in bringing both projects to the community. He is excited to see how their work will give back to local veterans. 

"It's a culmination of a lot of work," Chalk said. "We're really looking forward to the opportunity to honor veterans." Chalk said. 

Veterans Week will officially be observed in Chemung County and the city of Elmira from June 27th through July 4th.