WELLSBORO, P.A. (WENY) -- The Arts & Crafts Fair and International Street of Foods set up shop Friday morning in part of the 80th Annual Laurel Festival.   

The Green was flooded with people starting Friday morning looking for some local goodies. From 10 a.m. until 8 p.m., a wide variety of foods and handmade crafts were available for shoppers. The festival was designed to observe the mountain laurel, the state flower of Pennsylvania, while drawing outside the community for people to join in on the festivities.   

“I think it brings people into our area to experience the beauty that our area has for the Twin Tiers in general,” Julie Henry, Executive Director of the Wellsboro Chamber of Commerce, said. “It's a beautiful place to be, and, it brings people here that wouldn't normally be here.”   

Terry Schaeffer was one vendor ecstatic to share his old-fashioned soda at the festival. He shared his soda made with cane sugar in stainless steel cups.   

“We drove three and a half hours to get here,” Schaeffer said. “I've been in this area quite a bit with this wagon.”   

Artist Bob Weaver started working on hand drawings for people at the festival in 2014. He loves to see his customers' reactions and appreciation for his art.   

“Even today, I've had customers who've bought in the past who've told me they put it up in their living room... that they get joy from it,” Weaver said. “That's everything to me... that long-lasting enjoyment they get from it.”   

The full schedule of events for the 80th Annual Laurel Festival is posted on the festival’s Facebook Page.