ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- On Saturday, the City of Elmira and surrounding communities held their 22nd annual Juneteenth celebration in Ernie Davis Park.

"Great day, even with the wind, with the cold, they're here and that just shows such unity in our community," said Anita Lewis, a member of the Juneteenth Planning Committee.

Corey Cooke, the pastor of Monumental Baptist Church says this day is for everyone.

"That's one thing I do like about Juneteenth, it brings everybody, not just the people of, color not just the minorities," said Cooke.

Organizers say about 1,000 people came to Ernie Davis Park in celebration of Juneteenth.

"This is like unity day, freedom day, and I just think it's great," Lewis said.

Organizers closed an entire block of Lake Street for arts, crafts, food and other activities.

"Folks are looking for stuff to do, and in bigger cities they do have Juneteenth, so that's not new to some of the folks that are moving here from other places, so we're very excited about that. And, another thing is folks that are just driving by and seeing the street blocked off, saying, 'What's going on?' and they get out of their car and I think that also helps that we're in the street," said Nykole Parks, another member of the Juneteenth Planning Committee.

This years celebration featured around 16 different Black-owned vendors from the community.

"It inspires me. It inspires the youth. It inspires the whole community," said Dion Brown, a local artist.

Brent Stermer, a council-member for the City of Elmira, represents the block that was shut down for the Juneteenth festivities Saturday.

"Everyone is just here. It's kind of like the best festival you could have after a pandemic," said Stermer. 

Organizers chose to hold the celebration on Saturday so that Sunday could be a day of reflection.

"We're just happy to bring so many diverse people together for such a good reason," Lewis said. 

Organizers say that this years even was twice the size of last years.