ELMIRA, NY (WENY) -- It takes dozens of volunteers to keep things at The Moving Wall at Eldridge Park running smoothly. The experience is also proving that age is nothing but a number, and no one is too young to lend a helping hand.

Dominick Faulisi is proving that to be true. Binder in arm, Dominick spent hours Friday morning at The Moving Wall, helping visitors find the names of their loved ones listed on the panels.

"I'm helping out with finding names on the wall, and getting people chalk so that people can trace the names," Dominick explained.

 His parents say the idea was all his; with a family member who served in Vietnam, Dominick wanted nothing more than to give back. When he learned of the opportunity to volunteer at Eldridge Park, he didn't hesitate.

"It makes me feel just praised. Because of this wall, I've read about it in DC, and I've read about helpers and all that, but I never though that I would actually be one," he said.

Dominick's efforts show the Vietnam veterans and their families that their legacies will continue on with the younger generation. For him, it's about service with heart.

"It's been very nice, just because people, they're amazing that they can find the names on the wall, their family and siblings, and it's really just a heartfelt feeling."

Dominick plans to come back again over the weekend to continue volunteering.