ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Vietnam vets at the Moving Wall Friday afternoon had their respects paid by many, including a veteran from World War II.  

Harold Gary is a 101-year-old U.S. Navy Veteran from World War II. From Montrose, Pennsylvania, he was an aviation mechanic who went on anti-submarine patrols. The sub-hunter was responsible for keeping the Germans from disrupting the supply chain. He was humbled to share stories at the Moving wall today with others who have given the ultimate sacrifice.  

“There are veterans here that have been through much more than I went through,” Gary said. “I served a spot, and many of them served a bigger spot. I admire them for it, and, they deserve it more than I do.”  

Gary felt the need to personally come out to pay respects to other veterans in the Twin Tiers. He says there's so much experience, that each person could write their own book.  

“They need to know the history of not only the groups,” Gary said. “They need to know the history of individuals, their stories, what they went through, the experience.”  

Patti Jo Caterson was alongside Harold at the Wall on Friday. She was his guardian on his Honor Flight to Belgium to go see his brother's memorial. She says watching the World War II vet share stories with Vietnam veterans is what the event is all about.  

“I know there were a lot of other Vietnam veterans, like my dad, that were mistreated,” Caterson said. “It's very rewarding to see it come full circle and to have veterans open up to Harold.”  

More information about Harold and Twin Tiers Honor Flight can be found online.