WATKINS GLEN, NY (WENY) -- The Mayor of Watkins Glen announced his resignation Thursday, after allegations of his personal behavior were brought up at a recent meeting.

According to the Odessa File, on Tuesday's Watkins Glen Village Board meeting, a resident spoke up to say the mayor had made comments towards her that were sexual in nature in an encounter on April 1st at a bar in Watkins Glen.

The Odessa File states Leszyk moved to end the public comment portion of the meeting, and eventually had the resident and another person removed from the board meeting by police. 

The accusations follow a claim by another woman in Watkins Glen, who in 2021 accused Leszyk in a notice of claim that he sexually harassed her before and after he was elected mayor, as well as threatening her husband's job as a police officer when she refused his sexual advances. 

In his resignation letter, Leszyk announced Deputy Mayor Louis Perazzini would be Acting Mayor, and thanked the board for its service to the community. 

"The harassment and false accusations have become too much for me and is not fair to my wife and family. I can no longer effectively lead the village with all the distractions. It is not fair to the many wonderful residents of this village. I wish the village and the board the best moving forward," Leszyk's statement read. 

Leszyk was elected mayor of the Watkins Glen in 2019.