(WENY)-- At age 1 year old, Abigail Murphy was diagnosed with Alopecia Totalis; an autoimmune disorder where white blood cells attack the hair follicles. Never knowing different Abigail embraced it to the fullest. After moving, and changing schools Abigail went toe to toe with bullying. Baldy and cue ball were names she was called regularly. Luckily for Abigail, her empathetic personality and intellectual mind combined with a 3rd-grade guardian angel teacher, Mrs. Ward, there was hope.

Allison Ward aka Mrs. Ward grew up feeling empowered and inspired by her teachers. She became a teacher to pass that gift on to her students. She is passionate about helping kids find their voice and figuring out what their superpower is.

"Anyone who has spent any amount of time or has talked to Abigail knows how special she is and how much she appreciates people understanding her and so she's very special to me, she is somebody who has like an old soul like you can just talk to her different than some students." 

Once Abigail and Mrs. Ward had the story complete Joshua Murphy, Abigail's father, sought out graphic artist Sydney Saathoff. Within a few weeks, Saathoff brought Abigail's characters to life.
With the illustrations complete, Murphy turned to his friend, writing mentor, child rights activist and publisher (Northern Books) Donna M. Kshir. Ms. Kshir and her best friend and business partner Lee 'Cougardawn' Roberts worked diligently to bring Abigail's vision to life. 

Abigail's goal is to educate people not only on her disease but all differences.  

"I wanted to to educate people about Alopecia Totalis and not just Alopecia Totalis differences. "