TROY, PA. (WENY) -- The Troy Fair is bringing the zoo to the Northern Tier with its latest attraction, "Cool Zoo."

"The cool thing about 'Cool Zoo' is that we're a true wildlife conservation that's a non-profit," said Jim DeBerry, Director and Wildlife Conservationist at "Cool Zoo." "It's a good opportunity for guests to see wildlife, learn educational facts and know that it's about caring about the wildlife for future generations to come. We have critically endangered species here that need your support."

With a wide array of exotic friends, "Cool Zoo" offers a one-of-a-kind, walk-thru exhibit that is sure to excite any animal lover. Animal lovers can meet parrots, tortoises, "Swampy" the alligator, "Boing" the kangaroo, "Mash" the sloth and AN 8-FOOT BOA CONSTRICTOR KNOWN AS "Jake from Snake Farm." 

Lainey Spalding of Troy was mesmerized by "Swampy" the alligator at the exhibit.

"I think that they're just so cool, and they're really pretty to look at too," she said.

For mother-son pair Lauren and Nathan Patrick, on the other hand, "Jake from Snake Farm" certainly grabbed their attention.

"It was heavier than I thought it would be," said Lauren.

"It felt good [to me]!" said Nathan.

Cool Zoo also provides three educational presentations each day to help teach audiences about each of the species, as well as share information on the zoo’s conservation efforts.

"The shows go on at 12 p.m., 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., and in those'll get to hear facts about the animals," said DeBerry. "It's all for the cause for conservation. It's very important the animal ambassadors that we use for our programs are meant to share the love for wildlife and unite people."


"The great thing about animals is that [they] connect the community and unite them together," he said. "Whether you're looking at a bird, or you're looking at a reptile or a mammal, it's uniting people of all different walks of life. These people care. They want to give back to help wildlife."

"Cool Zoo's" full exhibit is located in Jacksonville, FL. Its traveling exhibit will stay in Troy until the end of the fair on July 30.

To learn more about "Cool Zoo," head to their website at