HORSEHEADS, NY (WENY) -- Fire crews worked to put out a fire in a trash compactor truck early Thursday morning in Chemung County.

The fire was reported around 7:30AM on Thursday, as the dump truck was headed south on Route 13, headed towards Interstate 86. Fire crews with Town and Country, Horseheads Fire and Elmira Heights responded to put out the flames in the truck's compactor, which was made difficult due to the cardboard that had been compressed inside.

"Since it was already in there and compacted the only way to really get it out and put out the entire fire is to dump the load. We put as much water to knock it down, have them drive down about less than 100 yards and dump it in this turn off so we could get to the rest of the load," explained Town and County Fire Chief Sean McInerney. 

The driver of the truck was not hurt. It's not immediately known what caused the fire.