TOWANDA, P.A. (WENY) - Guthrie celebrated the one year anniversary of their acute rehab unit at their Towanda campus.

In it's first year, staff have provided support and physical rehabilitation to more than 250 patients who have experienced effects of an acute injury.

Guthrie says patients?in the acute rehab unit?receive?a minimum of three hours of therapy each day for at least five days a week. Staff work with patients and those involved in their care to develop a treatment?plan?that is tailored to them.

Robert Silvernail, a Guthrie patient said, "In just 20 days, with the tools they gave me, I have my freedom back. I never would have thought that I'd have such a wonderful, compassionate group of people that had one goal in mind, which was to make me better."  

The unit is named in honor of the late Newman W. Benson and Patricia A. Benson's generosity and longtime support of Guthrie.??

Patricia Benson said, "Newman's motto was "ambition, commitment, and excellence", and that is everywhere I look here and in everyone I speak to. I'm so proud of everything I hear from the patients that have spent time here. The staff is truly a gift."