BRADFORD COUNTY, P.A. (WENY) - An investigation that was conducted over a nine month period in Bradford county resulted in multiple drug arrests.

The investigation, called "Operation Jet Sweep" was conducted by the Bradford County Drug Task Force along with other police agencies in the northern tier.

These included the Athens Borough Police, Athens Township Police, Sayre Borough Police, Towanda Borough Police, Troy Borough Police, Bradford County Sheriff's Office, and the Pennsylvania State Police Narcotics Unit

The task force says the investigation led to 27 arrests. The arrests were Alyssa Kolosky (22), Corey Strope (44), Edward McGowan III (40), Haylee Bastion (27), Jason Marshall (54), John Leonard (43), Joseph Johnson (32), Karley Johnson (28), Keith Harbst Jr. (32), Leslie Bailey (61), Lisa Winebarger (55), Mary Jane Pettit (31), Maxine Ott (64), Mitch Johnson (29), Nicholas Hopkins (38), Pearl Johnson (55), Richard Thomas (44), Robert Bump Jr. (27), Ryan Allis (27), Rylee Carr (24), Scott Sutton (52), Shelby Nonnemacher (39), Thomas McGowan (39), Tyler McCormick (29), Zowie Dean (28), and two other individuals,

These arrests consist of the following charges: 54 counts of felony delivery of a controlled substance, 4 counts of felony criminal conspiracy of delivery of a controlled substance, 18 counts of felony 3 criminal use of a telecommunication facility, 55 counts of misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance, and 31 counts of misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

Of the 27 charged, 7 were already in jail on unrelated charges. (Tyler McCormick, Scott Sutton, Lisa Winebarger, Jason Marshall, Edward McGowan III, Ryan Allis, and Keith Harbst Jr.)

Ten were located, placed under arrest and arraigned (Rylee Carr, Karley Johnson, Shelby Nonnemacher, Robert Bump Jr., Maxine Ott, Zowie Dean, Pearl Johnson, John Leonard, and Thomas McGowan). These individuals will be scheduled for preliminary hearings.

The remaining 10 individuals have active arrest warrants.