WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. (WENY) -- It is officially apple picking season and hundreds of people are visiting Apples and Moore orchard to pick from a variety of over 20 kinds of apples.  

Alec Moore, the owner, said many people in the area choose to shop locally, especially for apples, during the fall. 

“When you go buy a bagged apple...even from my store, you didn't get to choose that apple,” he said. “You can go out into the field and you get to pick, you know, the perfect apple to you...and try them as you're picking them...make sure it's what you like. So, I think the whole experience of getting to pick your own fruit.” 

Moore took over the apple farm from the Reisinger family in January of 2021. Moore said, despite the dry summer in the Southern Tier, his apples have been unaffected.  

“We have a really beautiful crop this year...it all sized up nicely,” he said. "Compared to the drought we had a couple of years ago, this was nowhere near as bad...and we had a lot of timely rain, on top of our own ability to irrigate ourselves from our ponds.” 

There is more than apple picking at Moore's orchard. People can cut their own flowers, pick raspberries, walk around the field, and enjoy hot cider and donuts in his shop. With 22 different varieties of apples, Moore said there are many uses for the fruit. 

“They really all have a different use,” he said. We have 22 varieties here some of them are great for just eating, some are the best sauce apples, some are the best for pies."  

Moore said it is important to shop locally. He said there are a variety of agricultural businesses in Schuyler County for locals to check out. 

"When you shop local, the big thing you get...and this goes for all agriculture in Schuyler County...you get to really know where your food is coming from and know that you're also really putting it back into the community,” he said.  

Apples and Moore is located at 2750 Apple Ln, Watkins Glen, NY 14891. 

Littletree Orchards is located at 345 Shaffer Rd, Newfield, NY 14867. 

Southern Tier Apples is located at 2479 NY-34, Van Etten, NY 14889.  

Crooked Line Farm & Orchard is located at 7780 Cold Springs Rd, Bath, NY 14810.