ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY)-- Elmira Shines!  It's a major art mural project which consists of fourteen-panel public art projects presented by Community Arts of Elmira's Infinite Canvas and the City of Elmira, with second district councilperson Brent Stermer.

The design of each panel will be themed Elmira Centric, which tells the story of Elmira.  Each mural will be painted on the panels on the Railroad Avenue wall on Third Street in Elmira.

Two of the artist, Lindy Packard, and Crystal Parks have already begun muraling.

Several artists are working on murals this year. Including local artist Sam Somostrada.  He was muraling on the Centertown parking garage on W. Gray Street on Saturday afternoon.

This mural will be the largest one in Chemung county at approximately seven stories high and 3000 square feet. It's named the "Intersection of Commerce and Community."  It depicts multiple children from the community climbing up a tree and represents "Elmira's Creation Economy" and Elmira's Creative Lifestyle."

"I've been an artist pretty much my whole life and then last year I decided to take art full time. During the pandemic, I really took a chance on myself to pursue this and with organizations like Community Arts of Elmira and through this program called Elmira Infinite Canvas it's allowed many artists to create murals. This is my fourth mural done with the organization. They've really been a springboard for me to carry out my artistic dreams," Artist, Sam Somostrada said.

Stermer described the murals that are being worked on at the Railroad Avenue wall and the artists behind the paintings. 

"Lindy Packard is doing an Elmira postcard kind of feel to it. So John Jones will be in the center in a sepia tone, it will be really neat and cool. Crystal Parks has done a blue gull mural. This is a painting of this famous gull of Elmira which has had issues over the years but then the gull is being ridden by a vaudevillian star part of our history of the vaudeville in Elmira and then she's got some ribbons that are purple and gold for Elmira college," Stermer said.

Next year Councilmember Stermer says the majority of the panels will be painted during the Community Arts of Elmira "Elmira Infinite Canvas Mural Fest" on June 3, 2023.