TIOGA, P.A. (WENY) -- It was a celebration of life and love at the Tioga American Legion Saturday afternoon as many gathered to celebrate the 100th birthday of Mildred Corwin.  

Mildred Corwin has a smile that shines through the Twin Tiers. Born in New York and raised in Pennsylvania, she met a lot of people working as a bookkeeper for 42 years. Although her actual birthday falls on October 4th, she celebrated her 100th birthday on Saturday alongside many of her family and friends.   

“There isn't any secret; you just take one day after the other; that's all you got to do,” Mildred said. “If I can keep going as I am, I'm very thankful.”  

Throughout her life, Millie had three kids, nine grandkids, eight great-grandkids, and three great-great grandkids. She's always wanted to see her granddaughter, Carol Fitzgerald, get married and give her away to her new husband. On Saturday, Carol surprised her grandma and got married to her boyfriend, Dan, at the birthday celebration.  

“It's wonderful for us to finally be able to get married, have it be such a happy occasion, and share it with grams birthday,” Carol said.  

Bob Fitzgerald, a great-grandson of Mildred Corwin, traveled from Texas to celebrate her birthday on Saturday. He says she instilled in him to be kind and caring to others. He believes this is the legacy his great-grandmother continues to exemplify.  

“The legacy is one of caring and giving; you help out your friends, you help out your neighbors, your family, of course, try to have surprises along the way, and keep everything light,” Bob said. “No matter what comes along, just got to take care of each other.”  

Millie says she was so happy to see loved ones from all over the country come out to celebrate her life and enjoyed seeing the faces of many she hasn't seen in years.