ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Local non-profits gave peace a chance at First Arena, in Elmira. The City of Elmira, Program of P.E.A.C.E., and the arena benefited Catholic Charities and Meals on Wheels with a talent show. 

All proceeds from this event are going towards programs to help the homeless. Willie Owens is the co-founder of the Program of P.E.A.C.E. He worked with the managers of First Arena and Elmira Mayor Dan Mandell to put on a talent show. 

"We all know that a lot of them have different issues,” he said. “It could be mental health, some could just be defiant of the way society runs itself...not satisfied with it, but we all got to let them know they are human beings. They're our brothers and sisters, as well.”  

Mayor Mandell said he wants the homeless to know the people of Elmira care.  

“A lot of them need something like a good, hot meal...get some food and we're also here to provide that for them,” he said. “It's about awareness, helping these people out, get their fat back on the ground, get them off the street, and get them...moving forward with their lives.”  

 The event hosted a variety of talent. While it cost $50.00 for performers to participate, all the proceeds went towards helping the homeless. 

People sang gospel and R&B music and dancers performed their routines. Nearly a hundred people came out to show their support for the performers, and to support the homeless in Elmira. Owens said events like this bring the community together. 

“It's just all about the community...helping a good cause,” he said.  

Owens says the Program of P.E.A.C.E will be hosting more events to help the community, in the future.