WASHINGTON, D.C. - The race for the open Pennsylvania Senate seat between Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz and Democratic candidate Lt. Governor John Fetterman is heating up. The two will duke it out in a debate.

Political scientists we spoke with said they expect Fetterman and Oz to discuss issues that are important to Pennsylvanians, like inflation, the economy, crime and even other issues like abortion. Analysts said the two will try really hard to rally enthusiasm for their voters, including those who are still undecided. They said debates like this one are important for those undecided voters because it will give each candidate a chance to win them over.

"I think what voters really should be listening to is what can these two would-be senators realistically do to make people's lives better at a time when things are really difficult right now," said Todd Belt, Director of Political Management at George Washington University.

For this debate, analysts said it will be important to hear from the candidates in their own words on these issues. WENY's bureau correspondents, Rachel Knapp and Brendan Scanland will be reporting from the debate in Harrisburg, PA.