ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Counties in states like Michigan and Arizona are experiencing poll worker shortages less than a week away from midterm elections. Luckily, many counties across the Twin Tiers say otherwise.  

Across the Southern and Northern Tier regions, staffing up polling sites with election inspectors hasn't been too hard in 2022. In Tompkins County, Democratic Election Commissioner Steve DeWitt says people seem more interested in working at poll sites compared to years past. Two-hundred-nine poll workers will be staffed across 35 polling sites in Tompkins County on November 8th, with more trained and waiting on standby.  

“I’ve been a commissioner for 20 years, and things happen; somebody gets sick or whatever,” DeWitt said. “This has been a good election as far as poll workers stepping forward and wanting to help out.”  

In Steuben County, the Board of Elections saw fewer poll workers for the June and August elections. They recruited heavily over the summer months to set the stage for fall.  

"They put up the flyers, got people interested, they showed an interest, we whipped together and made it happen,” Colleen Hauryski, Steuben County Democratic Election Commissioner, said. “It was a lot of work, but we got them through and now we've got this extra supply of election inspectors.”  

In the Northern Tier, Bradford County has election worker positions lined up, but that doesn't mean they'll turn away people who want to become a poll inspector. Interested people have until Friday to call their office at (570) 265-1717 and start training.  

“We have enough poll workers in all of our polling places; some of them are at maximum capacity. But we always welcome others to help us,” Renee Smithkors, Bradford County Director of Elections & Voter Registration, said. “If there is anyone interested in becoming a poll worker, they're welcome to call the poll office and set up a time for training this week.  

Election offices in Chemung, Schuyler, and Tioga Counties in New York and Pennsylvania say they're not experiencing a poll worker shortage and are ready to go for November 8th.