ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- People were clowning around the Community Arts of Elmira Saturday morning in light of the Healing with Humor workshop and the art of clowning for wellness in the workplace.  

The Healing with Humor workshop doesn't focus on make-up or costumes but on what the magic of comedy can do for people. People at Saturday's workshop shared stories while enjoying interactive games and exercises. The workshop aims to be a mental health resource through creative expression and connects people through humor and comedy.  

“Instead of separating them with, 'haha I'm over you,' people feel a connection; you be vulnerable yourself, and that opens the opportunity for them to be vulnerable,” Richard Hughson, instructor of the Healing with Humor workshop, said. "It becomes an invitation for them to share themselves.”  

Saturday's humor workshop is one of many that will fall under the umbrella of health and wellness workshops coming to Community Arts over the next year. Matt Guagliardo attended Saturday's workshop and was pleasantly surprised by how the activity made people open up.  

“To have an exercise like this is the perfect way for us to see how creative expression can be such a healing activity as well,” Guagliardo said, adding, “That's what we saw. At the end of it, everyone was willing to be so vulnerable.”  

Richard plans on bringing another workshop to Community Arts in the spring. People can check back for that, along with additional events at the Community Arts of Elmira, online.