ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- People in Chemung County told WENY News Tuesday afternoon they came out to vote because they want to see change.  

Voters lined up to cast their ballot in Chemung County, all with their own reasons for coming out to vote. Some voters say the rise in inflation and soaring gas prices over this past year are weighing on their minds.  

“Right now, it's not the same like we used to have it; it's getting worse. We want things to get better and have all people be happy,” Tarsem “Sammy” Sangh, a resident of Chemung County, said. "Hopefully, the voting will make it better for everybody.”  

Despite how they voted, many of them agree something needs to change. Many say casting a ballot is the first step towards making that happen.  

“It makes a change; a lot of people don't realize what the impact you can have if you come out and vote,” Antonello Ruggiero, a resident of Elmira, said. “If you put your vote in, it can change a lot of things. I've been watching what's been going on and I felt like I had to come out here and try to attempt to make a change.”  

Beth Balok was one Elmira resident who came out to vote at the Italian American Veterans Club Tuesday afternoon. She explains how encouraging younger voters to use their voice is extremely important for future generations.  

“They need to get a lot of experience and know what they're doing when they vote, not just pulling a name or what your mom and dad tell you to do,” Balok said. “Get to know these candidates and make sure you make the right decision.”