CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- Members of the 1st New York Regiments McCrackens Company and volunteers from the Heritage Village of the Southern Finger Lakes put on their annual 'Blast into History' event in Corning Saturday morning and afternoon.

People could learn about the Revolutionary War through the McCracken company and their musket demonstrations.

"We would like to think of it, kinda like living archeology. Essentially what we are is living archaeologists. We tend to learn about the past by doing things, by making the same mistakes they did, and trying to do things as right as we can. This is so we get a better feel for how our ancestors lived, and it’s a way of commemorating them," said Paul Perine, a Private for the 1st New York Regiments McCrackens Company.

Perine has been a part of the McCrackens Company for several years, and he enjoys coming to Corning because it's different from other reenactment locations.

"What makes it different from other reenactments is it allows us to be able to live in an honest to goodness 18th century building. How cool is that?" said Perine.

Education and Event Coordinator Pat Monahan says this event takes a lot of planning, and this year about 30 people volunteered to help make it possible.

"We take the time to make sure that this is a living history museum and has everything that you would expect to find in that time period," said Monahan.

People could also learn about the historic Browntown School House, watch blacksmiths at work, and learn about Native American culture.

According to a Heritage Village volunteer, The Browntown School House was built in 1878 and was an active school until 1955. 

The Native American storytelling portion included two Native Americans showing off cultural items like handmade hatchets, bowls, and musical instruments.

If you or someone you know wants to become a member of the McCrackens Company, you can contact Paul Perine at [email protected]

The Heritage Village of the Southern Finger Lakes next event is on November 18th for its annual Ghost Hunt. It will be $30 per person.