(WENY) -- With the holidays right around the corner it is common for us to feel anxiety when being fully back together in a post pandemic world. 

"Different variables that cause people to feel anxious I think we always have to keep in perspective that some anxiety is normal but when you have a hype sensitive anxiety which paralyzes you it starts to interfere with your locational social emotional functioning than you need to get some help" says author and family therapist Anita Astley. 

It's important to not be afraid to speak up to others when back together about your anxiety so you feel more comfortable when interacting with them.

"I think the first step you can take is actually talking about it you know I'm a little uncomfortable with getting into this situation because post pandemic everyone has a different sense of comfort and some of us are ashamed of it, we hide behind it, perhaps we're the only ones but one of the first steps to take is actually to talk about what your thinking and what your feeling about being in that social situation."