LVIV, UKRAINE/CORNING, NY (WENY) -- Ukraine is thousands of miles away from the United States, but one Ukrainian city is much closer to the hearts and minds of people in the Southern Tier.

The city of Corning, New York is the sister city to Lviv, Ukraine - a partnership that began in 1987, after Corning Incorporated built a light bulb factory in Lviv. The sister cities partnership serves as a connection to help both cities learn about each other, and the way people live, work, and socialize. 

Over the past 30+ years, people from Lviv have visited Corning, and vice versa. Before WENY News sent a crew to Ukraine, Nick Quattrini spoke with members of the Corning Sister Cities Association about those in Lviv.

"I have been to Ukraine several times, wonderful experience," said Rose Ann Ewanyk, President of the Corning Sister Cities Association. "The people are very outgoing, very warm, they want to share everything about their culture, their city, they want to learn everything about our cities over here in the United States, especially Corning, and exchange ideas and thoughts. It's a good place to make new friendships that we have enjoyed over the years."

For members of the group who haven't been to Ukraine yet, they tell us they hope they'll be able to travel there someday, once the war is over. Corning Painted Post High School Sister Cities Advisor Vivian Munoz says her group of students discuss what's happening in Ukraine. 

"As a club we are concerned about Lviv, we are concerned about Lviv and the people, and we really hope for a quick resolution and people can go back to experiencing life, enjoy life, enjoy their families, feel safe" Munoz said.

"Due to the battle we cannot visit them, but I would really love that authentic experience of going to Ukraine, because I don't think there's anything like being able to have that authentic experience with the people and I guess learning what Ukraine means to them, we can always learn from other people telling us, but having that one on one experience and being able to visit them and being able to see their everyday life and how they deal with life after the battle I think it would be really meaningful for me to visit them," explained C-PP Sister Cities Club President, Christina Twiggs.

Members of the Corning Sister Cities Association say they would love to reconnect with their counterparts in Lviv once the war comes to end.