ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Local artists working with the Elmira Infinite Canvas project have been trying to beautify the downtown streets of Elmira brush stroke by brush stroke. The newest mural by Artist Sam Somostrada is designed to draw the eyes toward the sky.  

“I’m very proud of him,” Audie Simons, Sam’s mother, said, adding “He's very artistic, and he got so many ideas.”  

Started this summer, the now completed 82-foot-tall mural stands as one of the largest in New York State. Painted on the side of the Centertown Parking Garage on West Gray Street, the artwork showcases the rich history of commerce and community in Elmira.  

“I have no artistic ability at all, so I appreciate anyone who can do things like this,” Mike Simons, Sam’s stepfather, said. “An awful lot of people wouldn't want to tackle something this high off the ground... but Sam is willing, ready, and able.”  

The wide-scale art project aims to help the rebirth of Elmira, painting murals on various buildings, walls, and structures downtown to give beauty and life back to the city streets.  

City councilman Brent Stermer says this mural is just a piece of Elmira's Infinite Canvas project. He hopes the project will help attract more people to spend time in Downtown Elmira.  

“It will never be what it was, but it can be something new,” Stermer said, adding, “It can be something inclusive, and everyone is welcome. It can be something beautiful like our origins.”  

People can also see more work from the Community Art of Elmira's Infinite Canvas project this upcoming summer. Mural Fest is happening on June 3rd, with most of the painting taking place on Railroad Avenue.