(WENY) -- RSV also known as respiratory syncytial virus is a serious respiratory infection that has made hospitals run out of beds for sick patients. With the holiday season here its important to know how RSV spreads

"So RSV is primarily spread through contact so you or I have a which seems like a cold we're not very sick we cough we sneeze the droplets get on a surface like the desk or the counter or whatever but the virus will stay on that surface for a long time so somebody comes through they put their hand on their they touch their eyes their nose their mouth their inoculated ok"

Handwashing is especially important in preventing RSV

"With RSV it has always been about handwashing if your good about cleaning your hands alcohol based hand sanitizers are pretty good at killing RSV, washing your hands with soap and water, and using hand sanitizer frequently is a good way."

Of course you can't rule out a mask

"Masking is a good way to prevent any respiratory virus making it especially effective against killing the spread of RSV"