BREESPORT, NY (WENY) -- Motivational speaker and performer Cam F. Awesome will share a story of perseverance and inspiration at two separate performances on January 4th.

Cam F. Awesome is a former #1 ranked heavyweight professional boxer, who has won national championships, Golden Glove championships, and was featured in the Netflix documentary Counterpunch.

Cam said he turned to boxing to escape bullying, anxiety and mental health struggles as a teen. Now, he is using his experience and athletic career to bring a message of perseverance, failure and success to students and audiences across the country, using a mixture of emotion and comedy to engage with his guests. 

Cam F. Awesome will host two performances of his "Awesome Talk: Impact vs. Intent" and "Living Above P.A.R." at The L event center at 116 Breesport Road on January 4th. A 9:30AM performance is for local high school students, and another at noon is for the general public. Admission is free.