ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Elmira Community Cycle hosted a full moon ride, this evening, in honor of the Wolf Moon. This group hosts free bike rides, monthly.  

“This ride is easy,” said Tara Escudero, a volunteer with Elmira Community Cycle. “We show up, we have a good time, and if one person shows up...it's a ride." 

Escudero used to live in Houston, Texas. Escudero used to go on full moon rides with the biking community in Texas and wanted to keep the tradition alive in Elmira. 

“There are hardly any cars out,” she said. “There, we did it at midnight...there were definitely no cars out, but here, in the evening, especially after nine, there's hardly anyone out. So, you can kind of have the street to yourself and it's just a lot of fun.” 

 Escudero said these bike rides help Elmira Community Cycle build friendships with people in the community. She added, it is a healthy way to get to know one another in a group setting. 

“Riding bikes is better for you physically, it's better for your mental health, it's safer for everyone around you...there's every reason in the world to ride a bike and it's just an easy way to get people together,” she said. “When you ride in a group, you're safer...you're more visible...you feel better.” 

Escudero said Elmira Community Cycle's goal is to help people for no cost. Her team teaches people to fix bikes and help them find new ones at an affordable price. 

“The more people that ride bikes in a community, the safer and healthier that community is,” she said.  

Escudero said anyone is welcome to stop by the shop to make some friends and learn more about bikes.