ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Kris Thorne was was expected to be appointed Interim Police Chief by Elmira City Council Tuesday night, after former Police Chief Anthony Alvernaz was removed from the position last week. However, city council voted to delay that decision until a future meeting. 

Several residents spoke during the public comment period at Tuesday night's meeting, some critical of the city's decision to let Alvernaz go. 

"He was not treated with courtesy and respect which he's given to everyone he's come in contact with," Elmira resident Sharon Bukowski said, adding, "He should've been given that courtesy; he was basically thrown to the wolves and allowed to be vilified everywhere."

Some residents were outraged by the lack of information released from the City of Elmira following the removal of Chief Alvernaz. Unhappy Elmira residents voiced their concerns, saying the removal was the wrong move and that the City needs to provide more information.

"We heard that the Chief was big on supporting the community, getting in touch with people, and improving things," Elmira resident Andrew Roosa-Decicco said, adding, "We were looking for that support; right as we're about to find it, it left."

Although residents are standing by Thorne as Acting Chief, they said filling the shoes of Alvernaz will be hard for the City.

"Alvernaz is a person who can go in any area and be respected because they know he really cares," Elmira resident Willie Owens said, adding, "That's a hard feat to follow."

In a 3 to 2 vote, the Elmira city council voted to have Throne serve as Interim Police Chief, fulfilling the rest of Alvernaz's term as Elmira Police Chief. Alvernaz was stripped of his Police Chief title on Monday, January 9th.

CORRECTION: WENY News erroneously reported that council voted to appoint Thorne Interim Chief. Council voted to table the motion, and Thorne was not appointed at this meeting. WENY News regrets the error. This web story has been edited for accuracy and clarity.