ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- The Elmira Police Department (EPD) and Chemung County Sheriff's Office had two separate ceremonies to swear in new members on Friday afternoon. The Sheriff's Office swore in four new Deputy Sheriffs and EPD swore in eight new police officers.

"I think it’s great for the police department. I've been here for over 18 years and we've never sworn this many people in," said Interim Elmira Chief of Police, Kris Thorne.

Chief of Police Thorne said by having these new members become apart of the EPD, it will benefit the community by having more cops on the streets.

During these ceremonies, each new member of the Sheriff's Office or EPD had their badges pinned by a family member or a loved one.

James Givens Jr. was one of the new police officers for EPD and had his father pin his badge. 

"I picked him because he’s my best friend. He’s been there for me since the beginning," said Givens Jr.

Calum Houper was sworn into the Chemung County Sheriff's Office and said he wanted to follow this career path because he grew up with family in law enforcement.

"I've always looked up to law enforcement. I did a ride along and getting along with that, I just fell in love with it -- being able to help the community I live in," said Houper. 

Houper said he had his mom pin his badge because she's always there for him.

"She’s just been a great inspiration for me and has always supported my decisions. (I appreciate) the simple things like going home after work and she’s asking me about my day," said Houper.

Some of the police officers and deputy sheriffs have completed the necessary steps to become apart of law enforcement, some people will need to attend the Police Academy to complete more training.

The seven other members who were sworn into the EPD were Joseph Messmer, Tyler Stevens, Derek Begell, Jacob Cook, Curt Gustafson, Mason Moore, and Shyonna Pacheco.

The three other new members who were sworn in from the Chemung County Sheriff's Office were Nickolas Cosmore, Hunter Dart, and Reece Miller.