HECTOR, N.Y. (WENY) -- About 250 acres of full trees in the Finger Lakes National Forest are set to be cut down this year set to be cut down this year.

The Timber Harvest is part of the Finer Lakes invasive pest strategy project.

According to the USDA, thinning the forest density will not only improve overall forest health, but also restore native plants and encourage biodiversity. There are likely to be some closures on the Ravine and Interloken trails as work continues throughout the winter and into the summer months.

Although the Forest is expecting minimal disruption to users and community members, District Ranger Jodie Vanselow hopes to avoid surprising users with the coming change in landscape.

"It's been a while since we've seen a timber harvest here on the Finger Lakes National Forest," said Vanselow. "It may come as a surprise to see some stands cleared or thinned, but it will make a big long-term difference in the health of the forest, and it is a project we've developed thoughtfully over the past few years."