ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Light’s Bakery & Coffeeshop is in new hands, passing the reins over to a new owner, keeping the long-time staple bakery in Elmira going. Finding someone in the community to keep the business going was important to the previous owner. 

“It’s just the right time for her to retire,” Former Assistant Manager Jodi Skroskznik said, adding, “Everything's falling into place.” 

After having the business in the family for over 80 years and having Julie run the show for over three decades, Jodi said her mom felt now was the right time to pass the torch to someone new. The new owner, Gaetano Ruggiero, got to work on Wednesday.   

“We’re happy to have the Ruggiero’s take over,” Skroskznik, said, adding, “They've been good friends of ours for a very long time.”  

Jodi says the idea to pass the bakery over started as a joke but became a serious idea overtime. Although ownership was passed over Wednesday, nothing on the menu or in the bakery will change or be removed.  

“He'll keep all the traditional (and) popular items,” Skroskznik said, adding, “The half-moons, the white cakes, the cupcakes, the tea cookies; he'll put his little spin on things with some Italian items.”  

Light’s New owner Gaetano Ruggiero enjoys serving people through his other restaurants, including Giuseppe's and Louie's in Horseheads. He says the plan is to enhance everything but keep the traditions Light’s is known for with an added Italian touch.  

“Obviously, I want to put my touch (on) it,” Ruggiero said, adding, “Light’s will remain the same, but we are going to add some menu stuff.”  

Fresh cannoli and Italian breads are two things new owner Gaetano Ruggiero wants to add to Light's bakery. Gaetano has already gotten to work, starting to bring baking ingredients and other supplies into the bakery early on Wednesday morning.