HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WENY) -- A young, 10-year-old boy donated money to the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Bath. Bryson Jarvis saved up hundreds of dollars to help veterans in need. 

Preston Perry, Chairman of the Veteran's Committee at the Horseheads Elks Lodge, wanted to celebrate Jarvis for his kind gesture with a ceremony. He spoke about Jarvis’s strong character and acts of kindness. 

“The young man responsible for this just turned 10-years-old recently...and decided he wanted to use the money he received from his birthday to honor his grandfather, who received services at the Bath V.A.,” he said.  

Jarvis donated all of his savings that he received from family and friends.  

“I am donating $650.00,” he said. 

Jarvis's grandfather wanted to volunteer at the V.A. Medical Center, but recently suffered a stroke. Jarvis decided to carry on his grandfather's legacy. 

“My grandpa was a veteran when he was younger and I also wanted to support the people who fought for our country,” he said.  

Janice Jarvis, Bryson's mother, said her son has been saving up to give back to a local organization since he was six-years-old. Mrs. Jarvis also said her son's passion for serving this country started years ago. When he was merely four-year's-old, he told his mom he wanted to grow up and become a military doctor. 

“He has always said that he has enough and he would rather help where he can...and it makes him feel good,” he said.  

At the end of the ceremony, Jarvis thanked veterans for serving and protecting the United States of America.