MONTOUR FALLS, N.Y. (WENY) -- On Sunday afternoon, Alicia Mahaney hosted the 'Music and Movement' class at the Montour Falls Fire Department for toddlers and their families. The class was an opportunity for kids to laugh, dance, and play -- but also to improve their cognitive and language skills.

"It gives kids a chance to socialize, and it’s just really important for their language development, learning how to socialize, interact with other children and it gets them comfortable," said Mahaney, the instructor for the 'Music and Movement' class.

Mahaney makes the class interactive by allowing kids to act out a story, and getting the kids up and moving. 

"We engage children’s sensory systems because our sensory systems are all connected with language development. So by using music and movement activities, we're really helping to engage the brain, and allow these children to develop their language or expand the language skills they already have," said Mahaney.

The class is also a way for parents and their kids to spend time with each other and have fun.

"In our busy world today, it gives parents and kids the chance to come and be social together and play, listen to some music and dance along with it," said Mahaney.

According to an online article from the Empowered Parents, there are six benefits of having music in early childhood. The six benefits are intellectual development, emotional and social development, motivational development, motor development, visual development, and auditory development.

During the event, Mahaney passed out fliers advertising she would be doing birthday parties for kids who aren't able to come to classes.

Classes are $20 per child, but if a class (like this one) was sponsored by a local library -- then it's free. There are three to four classes a month, and when people sign up, it's for every class of the month. Mahaney said people have to sign up in order to attend a class. 

For more information on classes and how to sign up, you can click here.