(WENY) -- Valentines day is celebrated every year on February 14th where love is expressed in many ways. Whether it be spending quality time with your significant other, hanging with your best friends, or your family.

Locals here in the Twin Tiers share of what the holiday means to them and how some are celebrating.

Some said it meant needing more love in the world, its all about family, and can't forget the chocolates. 

Local corning resident Joshua Donesscoss shared that this is his wife and his first valentines day together after getting married in November. 

"So we just got married in Novemeber, november 5th and so this is our first valentines day together we're going to do it up quite nicely we like to dress up we'll have dinner indoors other than that its just going to be one of the most special valentines day as husband and wife."

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