ELMIRA HEIGHTS, N.Y. (WENY) -- On February 24th, 2022, the war between Russia and Ukraine intensified. Friday, February 24,th marked one year. The tension began in 2014, and escalated to inhumane mass murder and city destruction.  

“The thing is...the war started in 2014 when the invasion of eastern Ukraine and Crimea were taken," Father Tedor B. Czabala of Saint Nicholas Ukrainian Church said. "This is just an increase of hostilities when we tried to take over the whole country." 

Father Czabala describes the war as whole towns and cities being destroyed with no humane care.  One family relocated to the Twin Tiers to start their life over amidst a violent war.  

“The Ukrainian road has not been easy," Maria L’Amoreaux Trustee and Historian at Saint Nicholas Ukrainian Church said. "Now we have a family that has escaped the War. That is with us. They were welcomed by the community, of course by the church."

Members of the church are made up of third generation Ukrainians. While these congregants may not have lived in Ukraine, they do care about giving aid to local citizens overseas.  

"We have been sending a lot of everyday clothing, undergarment for kids... everywhere from newborn... the diapers they need," said Father Czabala." ...all the way to feminine products... 17 to 17 years of ago before they age out of the system.

 The war has been a difficult pill to digest and watch every day. With no end date insight, congregants like Maria are giving all their support to Ukraine from Elmira Heights, in Upstate New York.