(WENY) -- On February 21st, a woman from Tioga County was named the 2023-2024 New York State Dairy Ambassador. Arianna Aman is this year's Dairy Ambassador, and she grew up on her family's farm and has been helping them out for as long as she can remember.

"My family owns a dairy farm, so growing up it would be a lot helping on the farm, waking up at three in the morning to take care of cows, stuff like that," said Aman, 2023-24 NYS Dairy Ambassador.

A Dairy Ambassador serves as a spokesperson and an advocate for dairy farmers. Dairy Ambassadors can do this by attending events that will engage and educate the consumer on the nutritional benefits of milk and dairy foods.

Dairy Ambassadors can also inform dairy farmers on how to care for their cows and their land to produce sustainable products and how important the dairy industry has an impact on the New York State economy.

"Dairy (products are) is one of the most nutritious food items on the market. There are 13 essential nutrients, and dairy farmers take intensive care of the environment. They have dropped their carbon footprint in the past years exponentially. They do so much for the environment, as well as keeping everyone fed, so it’s kind of a dual relationship," said Aman.

Aman has goals she hopes to achieve during her time as the NYS Dairy Ambassador. One of her main goals includes "bridging the gap between consumers and farmers."

"Without farmers, there wouldn’t be dairy (products) for people to buy. But if people stop buying dairy, then there are no more farmers, so it’s really important (to have this farmer/consumer relationship.) The two of them are important in making this industry work," said Aman.

She added, "I want to set up communications so that farmers can know what consumers want and so consumers can also understand how important it is to support farmers, as well as the work that dairy farmers do."

Looking ahead, Aman plans to visit a few schools for National Breakfast Day. She hopes to attend county competitions to get to know everyone and meet the new Ambassadors.

Aman is only the second person to be selected from Tioga County and the first one to be chosen from Tioga County since 2012-2013.

To become a Dairy Ambassador for a county or even the state, Aman said there are a few background requirements.

"Since I grew up on a dairy farm, I was able to join. But you can also get sponsorship or join a 4-H club. I recommend doing that anyway," said Aman.

The First Associate Dairy Ambassador is Elyza Schoeberl (Otsego County), and the Second Associate Dairy Ambassador is Isabella Esposito (Onondaga County).

By taking on the NYS Dairy Ambassador position, Aman will receive a $1,200 scholarship and an internship opportunity with the American Dairy Association North East (ADANE).

To learn more about what ADANE is, you can click here.