(WENY) -- Many diabetics across the country have struggled to pay the price of insulin for years, with some going so far as rationing the life-saving drug which can create life-threatening consequences. To help combat the issue, pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly announced Wednesday it’s cutting insulin prices by roughly 70 percent and capping most patient insulin out-of-pocket costs at $35 per month.

“If (Diabetes) goes unchecked and gets out of control, it causes kidney problems,” Gerould’s Clinical Pharmacist Mia Le, PharmD, said, adding, “Being able to get patients insulin at an affordable price can help keep their diabetes in control, but also avoid and mitigate future problems.”  

Le says she's seen some diabetes patients trying to manage the issue by stretching out their insulin prescriptions. She says this is dangerous because they're not getting the correct dosage their body needs.  

“I find a lot of patients try to stretch their insulin out and they're not using as much as they need,” Le said, adding, “I think this is going to help those patients continue to use insulin properly.”  

Le added that with so many insulin dependent people struggling financially, wont just save lives, but also improves quality of life.  

“If your diabetes gets out of control... you might be a candidate for amputations, so it can get pretty bad if you are unable to keep your blood sugars under control,” Le said, adding, “Having something very effective and affordable for patients with uncontrolled diabetes is very important for the future of their health, and for their immediate health.”  

For those with health insurance, the $35 cap at participating pharmacies will go into effect immediately. For those with private and commercial insurance, out of pocket costs will also be capped at $35 at participating pharmacies.

On May 1st, Eli Lilly will cut the price of non-branded Insulin from roughly $82 per vial to $25 a vial. The list price of Humulin and its most commonly prescribed insulin, Humalog, will also drop later in 2023 from roughly $274 down to about $66.

Anyone on insulin that doesn't have insurance can go to download a savings card by clicking here.