TWIN TIERS (WENY) -- Raise The Region is a unique, 30-hour online campaign for non-profits in Pennsylvania. 333 organizations are benefiting from this major fundraiser. Non-profits from Mansfield, Tioga, Wellsboro, and more are participating. 

Jason McCahan, the Director of Philanthropy at the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania, said this fundraiser's purpose is to invest in communities. 

“It is a regional fundraiser, supporting local non-profits, in seven counties in North-Central Pennsylvania,” he said.  

McCahan explained, each non-profit has a mission; anywhere from food aid to supporting animal rescues to family/violence centers. 

“They will use this for their programming and operating expenses, in order to help facilitate the programs that they do,” he said. “If they're animal-related non-profits...they may do things spay and neuter pets or feed animals, depending on what their mission is. We have non-profits that help with human service needs...we have non-profits that support the arts.” 

This year is special for Raise the Region. The Blaise Alexander Family Dealership agreed to add more money to every donation towards Raise the Region. McCahan said he expects their goal of exceeding two-million dollars to surely happen because of this. 

“You make a gift at goes to the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania and then we will grant that back out to those organizations,” he said. “In addition to the money, every gift gets a little more extra cash.” 

Since 2013, this fundraiser has raised over 14-million dollars for non-profits. Last year, this event raised over two-million dollars. 

You can still donate to a non-profit of your choice. Click this link for more information.