SPENCER, N.Y. (WENY) -- Saturday, all five Tioga County, New York, high schools are sending their best musicians to All-County Band. The All-County Band takes the best musical students in the county and brings them under one roof for a combined performance, conducted by a guest conductor.

"It's always so fun to see them so excited about what they're doing on stage," said Dan Miller, the band director for Spencer-Van Etten High School, who is sending 10 students to the event.

For students, preparation for the competition/showcase started months ago when people interested submitted applications and tried out to be a part of the All-County Band. The performance Saturday, is the culmination of that work.

Mikaela Clymer, a senior oboe player at Spencer-Van Etten, wanted to be a part of All-County Band since freshman year, but anxiety held her back. This year she thought to herself: "I didn't want to regret not doing it, so I was like, you know what, it's fine. Anxiety can get over itself. It's okay. But now I'm super excited because I get all the solos and I get first chair and it is so much fun!"

Another student, a freshman flutist, is going to All-County Band to play in a very crowded field.

"I'm pretty nervous because I know a lot of the people there are going to be a lot older than me, but I know that... I can... be good enough to play with them," said Lauren Gillette, a student at Spencer-Van Etten High School.

By going to All-County, Gillette is continuing a family tradition.

"It kind of was a thing in my family since I was very little and it's just like something that I really like to do and I want to continue doing," Gillette said.

Miller says while this concert showcases Tioga County student's talents, it is also a learning opportunity. Even he agrees there is something he can learn from the performance as well.

"I've been teaching a long time, but even at this point I still sit and watch all the rehearsals and watch the guest conductor and try and learn what I can," said Miller.

The Tioga County All-County Band is performing at Waverly Senior High School Saturday at 2 p.m.