HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WENY) -- The 18th annual Saint Patrick's Day parade made its return to the Southern Tier on Saturday, March 11th.  

Cars, floats, and advertisements floated a few miles back waiting to make an appearance in Hanover Square. 

“I came with my spouse who is the Horseheads handyman," relator Sarah Bowie said. "Now I am running Horseheads homes, so I thought we would promote ourselves here because we live right here in Horseheads and it is an opportunity to get to know local people."

The Chemung County 4-H Club dressed up in green, brought out the trucks and brought some farm-friendly goats to the parade. If you were in the parade or saw some farm animals, do not fret, the goats were very happy to be in today's parade. 

“We are coming out today to get 4H out there in the public and try to advertise and get some new members,” Rahel Dehaas, 4-H Development, said.

On a fun note, some stilt-walkers walked the full mile-long parade to Hanover Square.  

“Oh, we can do a lot. We prefer to stop at an hour for a break probably about a mile,” said Sydney Hamilton.  

WENY News was proud to have Good Morning Twin Tiers anchor Katerina Belales be the voice of the event. The news team did walk the parade and got the chance to see visit with the Southern Tier community.