TWIN TIERS, N.Y. (WENY) -- One of the first, licensed marijuana dispensaries, outside of New York City, opened in Ithaca, Thursday afternoon. William Durham, the owner of “William Jane,” is opening his business in a field that is already crowded with sticker shops in the Twin Tiers.  

Durham is one of the first business owners, outside of New York City, to earn a Conditional Adult Use Dispensary License from New York State. 

“I definitely think there's a difference in between what's going on at sticker shops and... the new dispensaries at the end of the day,” he said. “We do have a lot of students and tourists...and people like to know what you're working with if you're going to be smoking cannabis. Of course, we inspect the cannabis...I mean, that itself is the difference...right there, alone.”  

Durham said he wants people to see a difference in his legal dispensary as opposed to sticker shops. He wants to educate the Ithaca community and spread positive awareness towards cannabis. 

“It's more of an experience when you're coming in here,” he said. “We've got it set up to the point where you actually enjoy the environment.”  

Bottom line, Durham said he is not worried about sticker shops in the area negatively affecting his business. He feels good about the fact that he is able to sell cannabis at a legal dispensary. 

“I know New York State is definitely working to make this a good thing for the small entrepreneurs,” he said. “I believe they're working behind the scenes to get things to where it could be profitable and it can be a good matter what so, I'm not worried about it all.”  

Aya Morgan has been working at “World Piece,” a sticker shop in Elmira, since it opened last year. Morgan said the store is always trying to raise its standards to one day also become a licensed dispensary. 

“Our long-term goal for the shop is to be a, the fact that New York is finally being able to open them across the state means things are looking good for our close future,” she said.  

Morgan added, she is not worried about legal dispensaries negatively affecting their profits. 

“There's such a high demand for the product, all across New York State, that the current, legal dispensaries are overwhelmed and so...a store opening isn't really putting a dent in the market,” she said. 

"William Jane" is located at 119 E State Street in the Ithaca Commons. 

“World Piece” is located at 207 W Water Street in Elmira.